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DoiDep Coffee Espresso

This Coffee Espresso Blend is 100% Robusta processed to a high standard. Controlled from cultivation to processing to roasting, with dark mode roasting. The flavor will be bitter and darker, with hints of caramel, chocolate, almonds, and, most notably, smoke.

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This blend has a lighter acidity than other Vietnamese coffee and boasts a smooth, full body with a rich flavor. This will brew a nice clean and crisp cup thanks to the aged peaberry beans.

Tasting Notes:
– Smooth texture
– Black tea note

Origin: Cau Dat, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
Altitude: 1,000-1,100m
Sourced: DoiDep coffee plantation
Blend: Peaberry&Arabica
Acidity: Mild
Roast: Medium
Picking: Hand picked

– 250 g ( 8.8 oz ) net